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Quality products start with quality raw materials. Motorhead raw materials and component suppliers go through the same rigid testing and qualification criteria as do our manufacturers. Materials are checked for composition both chemically and metallurgical as applicable both in house as well as through certified independent laboratories before being used on a Motorhead product.

Motorhead pays strict attention to quality as its primary objective. Motorhead is involved in the full process from acquisition of raw materials and insurance that materials meet our stringent specifications all the way through design engineering of components in our extensive operations in the United States, documenting factory control and inspection plans and oversight of all product development and completed product testing internationally and in the United States Motorhead works closely with our ISO/QS/TS quality certified manufacturer partners to insure that products are manufactured
consistently specifically to the requirements of our customers and the markets that they serve. Motorhead qualified manufacturing Facilities and manufacturing partners possess the capability and desire to get the job done with a focus on meeting the customers’ requirements while finding solutions to the most difficult manufacturing requirements and performance and safety needs Motorhead insures that our automotive products fit correctly when being installed on a vehicle but also that they meet expected performance and endurance requirements. Incorporating CMM design machines insures that the products will meet the critical dimensions of the product that is being design engineered. New development products are fully checked for surface roughness, bore finish, subjected to climate control testing, lateral performance, life cycle and more to insure the product will perform to the vehicle operating requirement.

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