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Motorhead manufacturing facilities and Global manufacturing partners focus on utilizing high performance and high precision equipment for the most critical manufacturing processes. Motorhead raw material global suppliers are also required to have technical and process certification from ISO to TS and follow strict approval processes for quality and delivery prior to becoming a certified raw material/component supplier.

Motorhead Quality and Manufacturing personnel develop stringent manufacturing control and quality plans to insure that each step in the process is fully and that documented operating drawings and specifications are at each work station and fully understood by each machine and assembly operator. This is a critical step in providing
consistency of our automotive components. Motorhead continuously monitor and check quality during each step of the manufacturing and assembly process to further insure that products meet the required specifications.

Sophisticated test and diagnostic equipment incorporated by our manufacturing facilities and manufacturing partners further enhances our ability to dramatically reduce defective products in-line especially required due to the ever increasing sophistication and materials incorporated into the products that we manufacture. Utilizing global quality and consistent premium manufacturing resources enhances our ability to react to the latest changes in design and technology.

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